Tibetan Mastiff is under Construction. Tibetan Mastiff will be a website dedicated to informing potential Tibetan Mastiff owners about Tibetan Mastiffs and how to select a good breeder. With so much competition among Tibetan Mastiff breeders an uninformed buyer can become victims.

Based on my experieince the show breeders are best to stay away from. It is very hard to win an AKC show without a professional handler. If you do it is usually luck so "championships" are meaningless in my opinon. I believe that if you have enough money and the right handler your dog will win. Another type of breeder I am leary of is who breeds several different breeds and earn their living breeding off them. They are usually the worst based on my experiences. Large breeders who promote themselves I like to stay away from. They will go on about their experience and how long they have been in the breed but we all know how they got there :) Based on my experience they got there without ethics, honesty, or integrity. I would defienately go with a smaller breeder who announces his litters (doesn't hide them) because they usually breed for "love of the breed" not money.